Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

According to the Japan Department Stores Association, same-store nationwide sales of apparel in June 2019 (78 firms, 215 stores) decreased by 1.7% compared to the same month of last year to 137,611 million yen. It was the twelfth consecutive month that apparel sales decreased.

Sales of midsummer articles were slow, and the major category of women’s wear also encountered difficulties.

Unseasonable weather prevented apparel sales from increasing. While June sales of men’s wear (including accessories) rose by 0.2% to 31,368 million yen (the first increase in twelve months), those of women’s wear declined by 1.7% to 88,598 million yen, along with children’s wear by 3.7% to 8,548 million yen.

Sales of miscellaneous articles increased by 0.6% to 63,457 million yen (the first increase in three months), thanks to vigorous sales of luxury goods.

Supported by cosmetics and expensive goods, sales of sundries rose by 1.7% to 95,749 million yen, the first increase in five months.

Total sales declined by 0.9% to 478,974 million yen.

By daisen