Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Techtextil India will take place from November 20th to 22nd in Mumbai, India, and Groz-Beckert will participate in the product sectors of Felting and Carding in Hall 5, Booth B-55.

In the Felting product sector, Groz-Beckert will present new base materials combined with a patented manufacturing process, called “dur”. The higher wear resistance and improved corrosion resistance already work out for Groz-Beckert customers all around the globe. The company plans to extend the dur version to the complete product range, soon. At Techtextil India, visitors will learn about their benefits. Within the traditional nonwovens industry, Groz-Beckert’s Gebecon felting needles provide advantages regarding the surface quality of the final product and optimized needling parameters. At the show, visitors will be presented details of the patented shape of working part of this needle with a man-sized needle exhibit. The company also has such an exhibit ready for spunlace customers: Coming along with absolutely homogenous jet creation with large impelling force and excellent entanglement, Groz-Beckert’s HyTec P jet strip ensures the very best productivity, quality and efficiency. Compared to conventional jet strips, the new material possesses considerably greater hardness for longer usage in production.

In the Carding product sector, the company completes its portfolio for the nonwovens industry. At Techtextil India, visitors can directly compare different tooth geometries: The worker and doffer wires SiroLock and EvoStep, for example, ensure improved fiber control and web quality. SiroLock also impresses with performance enhancements in carding, while EvoStep card clothing emphasizes on saving raw materials. Techtextil India visitors will have the possibility to learn about the new doffer and worker wire SiroLock plus, which combines a reduced rib height of the interlock card clothing with improved strength of delicate card clothing teeth and further optimized tooth geometry. These new properties are effective in achieving reduced fiber fly, and also ensure a more uniform and homogeneous web.

By daisen