Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
Superbly suited to the efficient production of high-titer yarns: the Oerlikon Barmag concept comprising WINGS HD and eAFK Big V
Superbly suited to the efficient production of high-titer yarns: the Oerlikon Barmag concept comprising WINGS HD and eAFK Big V

Home textiles directly influence the feel-good factor of our personal surroundings. Being pleasant to the touch, soft and extremely aesthetic, highly bulky upholstery fabrics, decorative fabrics and wall textiles, drapes and pleated curtains and even carpets can support and express our lifestyles and personalities.
High-quality textiles for beds, bathrooms and tables are frequently matter-of-fact for many of us. High-end yarns are also used in the automobile industry, for seat upholstery, interior cladding and floor covering in cars. Often, they have to withstand heavy demands. For this reason, the quality of high-titer yarns must be correspondingly high.
To date, DTY yarns up to 1,200 denier and with up to 784 filaments have, as standard, been plied from four POY 300d/192f bobbins using DTY machines. However, this process has a fundamental disadvantage: half of the texturing machine’s available winder positions are not used. And, in terms of machine efficiency, this is an unsatisfactory state of affairs.
Here, Oerlikon Barmag offers yarn manufacturers a highly efficient solution: the spinning concept with WINGS HD winding unit in conjunction with an automatic eAFK Big V Multispindle texturing machine is currently the only system on the market for manufacturing excellent quality high-titer yarns with maximum machine efficiency.

WINGS HD – Superb Efficiency & Functionality
12 POY packages of up to 600d/576f (final) are produced in the spinning process using WINGS HD 1800. This is made possible as a result of an additional godet, which ensures that the high yarn tensions developing in the process are reduced to the yarn tensions common in the case of the winding process to date. At the same time, the newly developed suction unit with the accompanying yarn cutting device (yarn collecting system) ensures – both during string-up and in the event of a yarn break – reliable handling of the yarn with an overall titer of 7,200 denier (final) and 6,912 filaments.
With this, the Oerlikon Barmag eAFK Big V Multispindle machine uses all winder positions and hence has full production capacity at its disposal for manufacturing DTY yarns of 1,200 denier with up to 1,152 filaments. Multiple plying of individually spun filaments to create a high overall titer fundamentally impacts yarn quality. With the Oerlikon Barmag concept, this is minimized by plying the highest titers possible.

eAFK Big V Multispindle – Productive & Yarn Gentle
The eAFK Big V Multispindle texturing machine is based on the tried-and-tested eAFK Multispindle concept, with two individual friction rows. The high individual titers of up to 600 denier per single filament can be textured using more powerful godet motors, a more powerful friction unit and a 2.5-meter heater. The straight configuration of heater and cooling unit ensures particularly gentle yarn handling with a simultaneous drawing/crimping process. This is especially important for producing delicate microfilament yarns of the best quality. Thanks to this multiple configuration, 576 texturing positions can be efficiently utilized when manufacturing high-titer yarns, which are then taken up using all 288 positions. The machine is particularly efficient in the high titer range between 900 and 1,200 denier. Here, the operating window between 30 and 1,200 denier offers yarn manufacturers maximum flexibility. The eAFK Big V texturing concept was launched in 2018, and has already convinced numerous yarn manufacturers with its performance.

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