Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Debs has launched a new elevated and sustainable online fabric sourcing portal called Refynd.

Refynd is a concept that gives brands an opportunity for “guilt-free creativity” by creating and coloring high-quality fabrics using materials made from textile resources that are unused, or planned to be discarded. Refynd also helps the textile industry become more sustainable by preventing these raw materials from being disposed. The brand name is a play on words that express everything it represents: Reduce, Re-use, Refined, and To Find.

Every year, millions of meters of textile raw materials – yarns and greige goods – end up being discarded before they are even dyed or printed. While the world tends to focus on the amount of garments that end up in landfills, they forget the environmental impact of the raw materials that are being thrown away. The overall impression is that many of the raw materials are defective, unattractive, or of poor quality; however, that is rarely the case.

Refynd is an elevated fabric sourcing solution that gives brands the opportunity to produce their own high-quality fabrics by utilizing raw material waste before they are discarded. The selection of materials is carefully curated by Debs’ team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals to give brands a high-quality, customized and economical product offering. On the Refynd portal, brands can search their desired fabrics by browsing detailed categories, add items to a personalized selection list, and easily send their selections online to be followed up by Debs’ knowledgeable and experienced team.

Fabrics on Refynd are created and curated internally by Debs’ experienced development team. The team finds the best match of yarns, weaves and finishes to offer brands an elevated product that is also affordable, giving brands that could not afford to buy high-quality fabrics, an opportunity to do so.

Fabrics are separated into “Make Your Own” and “Ready to Go” categories. Fabrics in the Make Your Own category are in greige (loom) state, giving brands the ability to develop their own colors or prints at a lead-time of 30-45 days. Fabrics in the Ready to Go category are already dyed or printed and are ready for immediate shipment.

The team at Debs helps create a personalized experience to take your needs “off-line”, making the development and purchasing process no different than usual. They will take care of your fabric selection, proto-sampling, color and print development, bulk production and delivery to any destination in the world.

Refynd is unique from other sites because:

  • It offers guaranteed and reliable quality and service because it is not a platform and all production is handled by Debs.
  • It gives customers the ability to customize their colors and prints.
  • Fabrics are elevated and do not just cover basics.
  • Quantities are available in larger volumes for medium- to large-sized brands.
  • Servicing is personalized as it is an “off-line business”.

Debs has been in the textile industry for over 100 years. With a strong passion towards sustainability, the company recognizes it must do its part to help the industry do better.

Debs strives to become a leader in sustainable textiles by combining sustainable raw materials with environmentally friendly dyeing and finishing methods. The company also takes a look at process change technologies to find better ways of producing textiles, thus reducing the ecological footprint.

Debs is committed to sustainably manufacture 25% of its products by 2020 and to increase this amount by at least 5% per year, with the goal of achieving 50% sustainability of products by 2025.

Adding to the company’s sustainable products and technologies such as AirDye, Censai, Botaneco and Cupro fabrics, Refynd is just one of its sustainable solutions.

By daisen