Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

 Teijin Limited announced that the company and its joint development partner Applied Electric Vehicles (Applied EV) have achieved a major milestone toward their shared vision for zero-emission future mobility.

 By utilizing Teijin’s lightweight, highly efficient material technology and expertise in composites manufacturing, Teijin and Applied EV have delivered a production-ready onepiece structural shell for Applied EV’s zero-emission robotic vehicle platform, the Blanc Robot. The shell is a key component and enables AEV to significantly reduce the weight and manufacturing complexity of the vehicle, enabling AEV to achieve low mass, high energy efficiency and excellent structural performance.

 The Blanc Robot is a programmable, autonomous electric vehicle (EV) platform, designed and engineered by Applied EV. It can integrate with many autonomous systems, carry a range of vehicle bodies and serve many purposes, including industrial, delivery and surveillance applications.

 Teijin and Applied EV are continuing to work together to further utilize Teijin lightweight material technologies for a range of other components, including structural elements,glazing and exterior body panels for use in production EV’s in the latter half of 2022.

By daisen