Thu. May 30th, 2024

Toray International, Inc. will present approximately 100 items at View Premium Selection including the most suitable brushed fabrics and wool-like polyester fabrics for the fall/winter season.

According to Kazuhiko Ishihara, General Manager of the Textiles Trading Dept. at Toray International, the company is focused on exhibitions in Germany including Munich Fabric Start that will be held after View Premium Selection.

This is attributable to the following facts regarding German-speaking countries: (1) They continue to remain Europe’s largest apparel market, (2) Apparel and textile suppliers strongly have a maker temperament, and (3) Made-in-Japan fabrics are highly appreciated in these markets.

Toray International is actively proposing made-in-Japan fabrics leveraging on the production capacity of Hokuriku, Japan’s largest fabric production district.

By daisen