Thu. May 30th, 2024

F&A Nonwovens (Booth K1112)  A New Gel/Nonwoven Composite Product on Exhibit

 F&A Nonwovens Corporation was established last December through a merger between Ambic Co., Ltd. and Fuji Corporation, and at ANEX 2024 the company is presenting its products under the theme “New Fascination from the Fusion of Two Companies Are Presented to the World”.

 Admirex is a filter bag made with fluorine fiber needlepunched non-wovens (NP) and spunlaced fabrics, and features low pressure loss and long service life. Himelon is made with chemical bonded nonwovens made of rayon or polyester and NP, and is used in various fields centering on cushioning materials for cars and home appliances.

 F&A Nonwovens is also launching a new product, Gelwoven, which is a composite of nonwovens and gel. Gelwoven has a gripping property that gel products do not have, along with outstanding low-frequency anti-vibration property. In addition, NP OA materials and wool felts are also presented.

Japan Vilene (Booth K1011) Presenting Separators and Membrane Substrates

 Japan Vilene Company, Ltd. manufactures and sells various types of nonwoven fabrics for a wide range of applications. A group company also manufactures recycled polyester staple fibers for automotive floor mats and nonwovens.

 At this year’s ANEX, Japan Vilene is promoting its technologies and services. Anti-static wiping cloths produced by applying an antistatic treatment to spunlaced fabrics remove dust and dirt. Industrial battery diaphragms include wetlaid nonwovens for nickel-metal hydride batteries. The company can combine various fiber blends and processing methods. Thermal bonded nonwovens for which original technologies are used to provide tensile strength, tear strength and bending strength are used as the base materials for membrane substrates for filtration systems. They are available in a wide range of weights, and can be used to control air voids. Resin coating and impregnation properties are also high.

 Overseas sales are undertaken in cooperation with the Freudenberg Group, its parent company, and the cost difference between exports and local markets is said to be an issue.

Kanai Juyo Kogyo (Booth K1109) Promoting Metallic Wires for Nonwoven Cards, Etc.

 Kanai Juyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells textile equipment such as travellers, metallic wires for nonwoven cards and card clothing, as well as nonwovens for polishing, air conditioning and household goods. At ANEX that is being held for the first time in Taiwan, the company is looking forward to developing new demand and gaining new customers.

 Metallic wires for nonwoven cards are for the process of various kinds of fibers (material, oil, etc.) for nonwovens. The company offers metallic wires with various surface treatments.
Heat-resistant prefilter is a filter of dry kiln for the removal of nicotine, soot and other mine dust mainly at places where the temperatures become high.

 Kanai Juyo Kogyo is strengthening sales of metallic wires for nonwoven cards and card clothing for sanitation materials and vehicles, where demand is expected to grow, especially in Asia. The company is also working to develop new applications for metallic wires for nonwoven cards with the application of surface treatment technology.

Kinsei Seishi (Booth K1113) Promotions Focus on Specialty Airlaid Nonwovens

 Kinsei Seishi Co., Ltd. considers ANEX as an opportunity to expand sales of highly functional nonwoven fabrics, and aims to gain new overseas customers who do not have direct sales, as well as increasing its name recognition. The company is exhibiting airlaid nonwovens.

 Airlaid nonwovens of 5 μm diameter olefinic conjugate fibers are smooth to the touch, and are the best material for the filtration of pollen. Convex airlaid nonwovens with uniform nonwoven density have excellent scraping and cushioning properties, and are used as a base material for new kitchen and living care products.

 Density gradient airlaid nonwovens are produced by laminating fibers of different diameters, and can be used as a base material for liquid-phase and gas-phase filters. Deodorant, antibacterial and antiviral nonwoven fabrics are developed jointly with Nippon Paper Industries., Co. Ltd.

Kuraray (Booth K1211) Exhibiting Elastomers for Disposable Diapers

 Kuraray Co., Ltd. is exhibiting at ANEX for the first time as the Elastomer Division, and is presenting solutions for elastomers for application in sanitary products to customers in Asia. It is also giving a lecture at the A-Next Hub.

 At its booth, elastic films are being introduced as an elastic component for stretch laminates used in disposable diapers for infants and toddlers. The films have a low chemical odor, recyclability, outstanding elasticity, provide a moderate fit, and are easy and comfortable to wear.

Miki Tokushu Paper (Booth K1009) The Promotion of Japanese Monozukuri and Washi

 Miki Tokushu Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in wetlaid nonwovens, developing products under the motto of “turning all kinds of fibers into paper and nonwovens”. Overseas sales, including indirect sales, account for 40% of the company’s total sales. At ANEX 2024, the company presents Japanese Monozukuri (Craftsmanship) to the world, and introduces products made of washi (Japanese paper) and wetlaid spunlaced nonwovens (SL).

 Masking tape is in growing demand worldwide as a curing tape for architectural and vehicle painting. Iyo washi mask is made of 100% washi, which is produced using a traditional method, and is gentle to sensitive skin. As for products for food, the company introduces coffee filter paper and heat-sealable nonwoven fabrics for tea and soup stock packaging. Wetlaid SL made of rayon pulp is also introduced as body wipes.

Nishikawa Rose (Booth K1014) Focusing on Flexknit and Seeking Its Overseas Response

 Nishikawa Rose Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells needlepunched nonwovens, fiber sound-absorbing materials, fiber cushioning materials and Flexknit stitchbonded fabrics. The company meets needs by adding various functions such as flame retardancy, soundproofing and waterproofing. In recent years, it has been focusing on the development of safe, environment-friendly and recyclable cushioning materials, sound-absorbing materials and heat-insulating materials.

 At this year’s ANEX, Nishikawa Rose is focusing on Flexknit, exploring the overseas reputation of its proprietary technology. Flexknit has the texture of a fabric, and can be molded without the use of resins or adhesives.

Shinwa (Booth K814) Promoting Spunlaced Fabrics and Nanofiber Nonwovens

 Shinwa Co., Ltd. is promoting spunlaced fabrics (SL) for sanitation materials and cosmetic goods, and also offers nanofiber nonwovens, for which production has been increased, for application in cosmetic goods.

 Shinwa manufactures filament and staple fiber nonwovens, including SL, thermal bonded nonwovens, spunbonded fabrics, meltblown nonwovens (MB) and nanofiber nonwovens. The company has increased its production capacity both domestically and internationally, with the Indonesian subsidiary P.T. Shinwa Nonwovens Indonesia (SNI) doubling its SL capacity at the beginning of 2024, and the main plant in Japan constructing a new building, newly introducing MB, and doubling its nanofiber nonwovens capacity.SNI and the Shinwa subsidiary in China will also be introduced at ANEX 2024.

Takayasu (Booth K914) Handling Everything in Recycled Raw Materials

 Takayasu Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells raw materials recycled from waste materials such as PET bottles, films and textiles, recycled polyester staple fibers and needlepunched nonwovens (NP).

 Since NP is not sold directly abroad, the company intends to develop demand through ANEX. In addition, the company plans to expand sales of environment-friendly raw materials worldwide. At this year’s ANEX, Takayasu is also highlighting its ability to handle all aspects of resin products made from recycled raw materials, including pelletizing, fiber making and nonwovens manufacturing. At the Takayasu booth, cassette-type sound-absorbing materials made with the company’s nonwoven fabrics are displayed on the wall.

 Takayasu is presenting the application of various raw materials for NP, such as polyester, rayon and cotton. The company can produce products in low weights (50-100 grams per square meter), which are difficult to produce with general NP. Furthermore, it is presenting the possibility of resin spraying, heat setting, etc., in accordance with the intended application.

Teijin Frontier (Booth K1203) A Wide Range of Products from Fibers, Nonwovens to Finished Products Is Presented

 Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. functions both as a manufacturer and trading firm, and produces and develops drylaid and wetlaid nonwovens ranging from fibers, nonwoven fabrics to finished products. At ANEX 2024, the company is presenting a wide range of useful materials and products in accordance with the ANEX 2024 theme “Sustainability Innovation”.

 In regard to polyester staple fibers (PSF) for drylaid nonwovens, the company presents Fwaline, which is a fine silicone-processed octagonal cross-section hollow fiber, and Freshcall Z possessing a deodorizing function.

 Teijin Frontier offers Tepyrus short-cut fibers for wetlaid nonwovens. In addition, the company proposes highly porous fine-layer nonwovens and nonwovens made with Ecopet PET bottle recycled fibers. It also offers products made by molding V-Lap thermal bonded nonwovens, polylactic acid spunbonded fabrics, Unisel ECO original filament nonwovens made from recycled raw materials and Olsorb oil adsorbents. Products made with Bell Oasis super-absorbent fibers are also presented.

Toray Advanced Materials Korea (Booth J717) Promoting Environmental Friendliness and Functionalities

 From the Toray Group, Korean subsidiary Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. (TAK) is exhibiting independently, and is promoting environment-friendly and highly functional nonwovens for sanitation and industrial applications.

 As for sanitation materials, TAK presents spunbonded fabrics (SB) made of polypropylene (PP) and bio-polyethylene conjugate spun fibers, bio-naphtha PPSB, recycled PPSB, high-strength low-weight SMS (a combination of spunbonded fabrics and meltblown nonwovens), soft-feeling SB and porous 3D processed SB.

 In regard to industrial materials, the company is promoting recycled PPSB, electrostatic SMS, polyethylene film/SB composites, needlepunched nonwovens made from recycled polyester, antibacterial nonwovens and nonwovens made of trilobal cross-section fibers.
Amid severe competition in the sanitation material field, TAK is focusing on high value-added products that meet the needs of customers, such as low weight, soft feeling and functional products.

Toyobo MC (Booth K910) Promoting Sustainable Functionality Nonwovens

 Toyobo MC Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive nonwovens manufacturer producing everything from polyester staple fibers for nonwovens to filament nonwovens and staple fiber nonwovens. The company produces and supplies functional nonwovens for automotives, home appliances and materials for lifestyle goods in Japan and Asia. At this year’s ANEX, it is introducing functional nonwovens for sustainable use.

 In regard to Breathair fiber cushioning materials, Toyobo MC presents the R Series, in which used Breathair products collected from the market account for 25% of the total weight. In addition, the company proposes e-Volans spunbonded fabrics made from more than 50% recycled PET bottles; Elitolon, electrically charged nonwovens (meltblown, needlepunched, etc.) that efficiently collect particulate pollutants by the power of static electricity; and K Filter nonwovens made with activated carbon fibers.

Unitika (Booth K1005) Promoting Differentiated Spunbonded and Spunlaced Fabrics

 Unitika Ltd. manufactures and sells spunbonded fabrics (SB), mainly made of polyester, and spunlaced fabrics (SL), mainly made of cotton. At ANEX that is being held for the first time in Taiwan, the company hopes to make more contacts with Chinese and other potential customers.

 At this year’s exhibition, Unitika is promoting differentiated products including Marix AX polyester SB with outstanding heat-molding property, Dilla made with flat cross-section fibers, and Cottoace Plus, a combination of 100% cotton SL and SB.
As for its overseas sales of nonwovens, SB is mainly sold for use as the primary backing fabrics of carpets, for which sales to India are recently growing. SL is sold mainly in Asia, and the company is also focusing on sales to other regions including Europe and the U.S.




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