Thu. May 30th, 2024

Teijin aramid Teijin Limited has introduced a new aramid fiber fabric suited for use in high-visibility protective apparel thanks to its extra-vivid coloring and resistance to fading.
The new aramid fabric is expected to meet growing demands for safety clothing that offers comfort and maneuverability, as well as high visibility.
The new aramid fabric is fully compliant with ISO 20471:2013, the international standard for high-visibility clothing that enables others to see the wearer in a variety of lighting conditions. Teijin developed the fabric in collaboration with Komatsu Seiren Co., Ltd., a leading fabric manufacturer.
Teijin is strengthening its leading position in the Japanese market for protective apparel, putting forward new hybrid safety solutions that combine various high-performance materials to meet diverse customer demands. The company’s global-development initiatives are expected to boost sales in the global market for safety and protection field to 20 billion yen by 2020.
Over the decades, Teijin’s durable, heat-resistant, flame-retardant aramid fibers have contributed to the advancement of safety and protective apparel, providing police, firefighters and chemical-plant workers with high-performance clothing favored for their high-visibility, flame-retardant and flame-proof properties.

By daisen