Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Regenerated Fibers, Dyeable Fibers and Other Cutting-Edge Material Developments to Be Revealed

旭化成写真1Asahi Kasei Corporation is promoting the brand of its premium value stretch fiber Roica in the European market through exhibiting in the Yarns show of Première Vision Paris.

Roica is produced in five locations around the world; i.e., Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Germany. This premium value stretch fiber is recognized worldwide as a material with advanced functionality that perfectly meets the needs consumers desire for their modern wardrobe, and is highly appreciated in a wide range of applications including sportswear, innerwear, outerwear and apparel materials.

German Roica manufacturing subsidiary Asahi Kasei Spandex Europe GmbH (AKSE) is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. At Première Vision Yarns in September of this anniversary year, a presentation will be made with AKSE-developed Roica Eco Smart and Roica Colour Perfect positioned as the main materials. In addition to current innerwear applications, the company aims to expand applications in fashion outerwear.

Roica Eco Smart is the world’s only regenerated stretch fiber made with materials such as waste fiber from the plant. AKSE developed this stretch fiber two years ago, and has been working on developing its market. Currently, endeavors are being made to develop the market in all applications with a wide range of fiber variety.

Roica Colour Perfect stretch fiber can be dyed with acid dyes. AKSE began production and sales of this fiber three years ago. Besides use with nylon filament, blends with cellulosic fibers dye beautifully in two-bath dyeing. Although this material is being used for innerwear, the development of outerwear applications is being made, and it has been well received among Italian companies. At Première Vision Yarns, Roica functional fibers will also be introduced, such as a chlorine-resistant fiber type.

旭化成写真2As for the Roica business of Asahi Kasei Corporation, Europe is a priority market accounting for 20% of the total sales volume. Akira Nishizawa, Senior Executive Manager of the company’s Fiber & Textiles SBU Roica Division, says, “Europe is a market that attaches importance to innovation. We have a system that can develop and provide high value addition with the synergy of users.” The base of this system is AKSE.

Asahi Kasei started its three-year management plan, “Cs for Tomorrow 2018” from April this year. The targets for Roica business are to achieve a 20% increase in sales and 15% increase in profits in fiscal 2018, the final year of the management plan, as compared with fiscal 2015. Senior Executive Manager Nishizawa says, “In order to achieve these targets, the task is how to position Roica for exceeding the expected 5% annual growth of the world’s stretch fiber market.”

As a means of further solidifying Roica’s position as a premium value stretch fiber, Asahi Kasei is also exhibiting in Première Vision Yarns for promoting the Roica brand.

At Première Vision Yarns, Asahi Kasei will exhibit not only Roica, but also Cupro cuprammonium rayon fiber for promoting the Cupro brand. Asahi Kasei is the only company in the world that is producing and marketing cuprammonium rayon fiber, and European high-class apparel firms are using Cupro for lining, and its application also extends to outerwear, innerwear, traditional clothing and bedding.

By daisen