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Cutting-edge Process Coner AIcone automatic winder

 ITMA ASIA+CITME 2022 is being held for five days from November 19th to 23rd, 2023 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China. Postponed for one year due to the pandemic, expectations are high for Asia’s largest textile machinery exhibition, with the participation of many textile machinery and parts manufacturers from Japan, including their Chinese subsidiaries. Exhibitions and demonstrations focus on state-of-the-art models, highlighting Japan’s technological capabilities.

Murata Cutting-Edge Automatic Winders Revealed for the First Time in China

 Murata Machinery, Ltd. is presenting state-of-the-art machine models under the theme of “Right Choice, Bright Future”. The Process Coner AIcone automatic winder is being shown for the first time in China.

 The Process Coner AIcone was exhibited at ITMA 2023, the world’s largest textile machinery exhibition held in Milan, Italy in June this year, and this cutting-edge winder received a great response, with its improved operability, maintenance and cleaning.

 In regard to Vortex spinning machines, which are attracting attention for their productivity and yarn functionality, Murata is demonstrating the Vortex 870 EX, and a wide range of applications of Vortex yarns is being introduced. In addition, Muratec Smart Support (MSS) is an IoT solution that utilizes the company’s customer support system and digital technology, which are highly evaluated by customers, to collect, analyze and accumulate machine operation data to support stable machine operation and labor saving in factories. Murata also offers customer support solutions including peripheral equipment and genuine parts.

 The Process Coner AIcone (bobbin-tray 12 drums) boasts further improved productivity and energy saving performance from the current QPRO series. As a manufacturer supporting Monozukuri, Murata not only paid attention to the functions and forms that would be easy for users, but also designed the winder taking into consideration sustainability throughout the supply chain. The winder on exhibit is equipped with both drum and arm traverse units, and is demonstrating various types of package winding, such as soft winding and round edge.

 The Vortex 870 EX (16 spindles) is demonstrating the spinning of recycled polyester fibers, for which demand has been rapidly growing in recent years. As the range of fibers that can be spun is expanding, so are their applications. Samples of the various applications are also exhibited by material, allowing visitors to confirm the functionality and quality of Vortex yarns.
Visitors can operate a terminal screen of MSS to experience the three Es (Easy Access, Easy Solution and Efficient Support), which are the concept and characteristics of MSS.

 Furthermore, Murata is presenting maintenance examples using genuine parts. The company is also introducing peripherals full of ideas, such as semi-auto bobbin strippers and sliver analyzers.
The joint booth with group company TMT Machinery, Inc. has an exhibition area of 945 square meters.

TMT Machinery World Premiere of New ATF-G1 Draw Texturing Machine

 TMT Machinery, Inc. is a leading company in synthetic fiber manufacturing equipment. Established as a joint venture among the three companies of Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.; Murata Machinery, Ltd.; and Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd. (currently Nabtesco Corporation), the company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022. It sells high-grade equipment based on the concept of “The One & Only Technology”. The company’s theme for ITMA ASIA+CITME is “20th Anniversary and Further Innovation”, and TMT Machinery is highlighting cutting-edge equipment that meet needs and original advanced technological capabilities.

 Of particular note is the new ATF-G1 draw texturing machine. The ATF-G1 is being launched as a next-generation machine that maintains the quality of the previous model while improving functionality and productivity. This is the world’s first exhibition of an actual machine. This state-of-the-art model was not exhibited even at ITMA 2023, which was held in Milan, Italy this June.

 The ATF-G1 has the same machine configuration that maintains the strengths of its predecessor, the ATF-1500, such as high-speed processing and high productivity, while significant functional improvements that directly benefit users have been made. At the TMT Machinery booth, the company is demonstrating the innovations and high productivity of ATF-G1.

 Also on exhibit is a Creel Robot + POY Station, which automates the supply and storage of POY packages to the draw texturing machine. This equipment achieves significant labor savings, increases the work speed through full automation, and creates an environment that can operate continuously day and night.

 Furthermore, TMT Machinery is introducing an automatic threading robot on a 100-inch monitor, and is making other proposals meeting recent trends in automation and labor savings.

 Despite expectations of a recovery in capital investment momentum in 2023 as the pandemic subsided, the synthetic fiber industry remains in a sluggish condition. Under these circumstances, TMT Machinery continues to focus on the development of next-generation equipment and pursuit of the needs of users for further expanding sales in the mainstay Chinese market.

 During the last 20 years, the synthetic fiber industry has continued to heavily concentrate on China. TMT Machinery analyzes that uncertainties such as economic ups and downs are increasing. The company expects that the synthetic fiber industry is likely to continue growing mainly in China, but is also focusing on Southeast Asia in addition to the Chinese market, as well as on expanding secondary and tertiary sales channels.

According to TMT Machinery, Asia accounts for approximately 90% of the world’s synthetic fiber production, overwhelming other regions in terms of scale and future growth potentials. The company hopes to contribute to further development of the Asian synthetic fiber market by continuing to supply truly valuable and highly productive equipment to users with bases in this region.

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