Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

PV1Strategic developments, structural changes, a reorganized offer… between September 13th and 15th, Première Vision Paris will seek to further promote and coordinate the complementary offer of its six shows (Yarns, Fabrics, Leather, Designs, Accessories and Manufacturing) within one homogenous, coherent and efficient event.

This reflects continuity with prior editions, which saw synergies and dynamics strengthened between the many activity sectors and know-hows of Première Vision Paris.

The shows’ unique creative offer, and affirmed, high-end and selective positioning, respond more than ever to the needs of global creative fashion professionals looking to stand out in a context of instability and heightened competition.

In a continuingly complex world, where fashion is globalized, where markets face multiple threats – political, security, economic, the creative force of Première Vision Paris bears all the strength of a concept unquestionably central to the industry’s creative process.
Building on its values and an unmatched selective offer, the industry’s largest and most diversified, the global event for fashion professionals promises a dynamic edition rich in inspirations and innovative collections for fall/winter 2017-18.

With a stable number of exhibitors, 1,898 (as of July 18th) as compared with 1,924 in September 2015 (down 1.3%), the event is growing in terms of exhibition area. These investments reflect the will of exhibiting companies to focus on the development of richer collections to serve an expected increase in the number of clients. They also reflect the impact and influence of the Première Vision Paris shows on the industry’s business activity.

The breakdown of the 1,898 exhibitors from 53 countries by show is: 53 in Première Vision Yarns, 789 in Première Vision Fabrics, 311 in Première Vision Leather, 248 in Première Vision Designs, 321 in Première Vision Accessories, 321 in Première Vision Manufacturing and 33 in Knitwear Solutions.

The 1,898 exhibitors include fifty-five from Japan.
139 companies have been selected to exhibit in the six shows; twelve of whom are returning to the shows after several seasons of absence.

By daisen