Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

三起商工9.7At a recent press conference, Koichi Kimura, President & CEO of Miki Shoko Co., Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer and seller of children’s wear, said that the company would aim at sales of 27 billion yen in the current fiscal year (ending February 2017), which is about the same as the previous fiscal year.

Together with an enhancement of brand value by enriching its line with new products of high quality, the company will increase sales of products for babies. It will also increase moves to cater to gift demands, such as gifts to grandchildren from the growing senior generation.

As a first step, the company will offer the entire line-up of products for childbirth preparations, babies’ wear and supplies at department stores. According to President Kimura, Miki Shoko currently covers more than 90% of the products for babies, and is aiming to supply all of the necessary products at department stores at an early date.
Miki Shoko also has a positive attitude toward EC (electronic commerce), for which the potential needs are great in countries such as China. The company is first moving ahead with the brand of Miki House Trade, and after the response and challenges are reviewed, it will examine plans even for the Miki House brand.

The company’s sales during the first half of the current fiscal year (March-August 2016) are estimated to have decreased at a single-digit rate, because mass purchases by Chinese traders during the same period of last year have calmed down.

By daisen