Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

(Hall H4, Booth D02)
Appealing Creativity With Quarter Gauge Machines

fukuharaFukuhara Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd. will exhibit circular knitting machines that pursue the compatibility of high value addition of production items and high productivity under the theme “Creation for the Future”.

A noteworthy model is the M-FY4QG double knit quarter gauge machine with four-color auto-stripers. This model features special specifications including a 28-gauge dial and 7-gauge cylinder, and the company’s original creativity is exhibited in equipping its specialty four-color auto-stripers on a quarter gauge machine. The greatest feature of quarter gauge knits is that yarns that are entirely different in material and thickness are used separately for the front and back sides of the fabric, enabling the creation of products that are highly fashionable and have better feel and greater windbreaking performance.

The M-LEC-6DSI super-multi-feeder model of double knit electronic jacquard machines can produce a high quality level of goods with its electronic needle selection on both dial and cylinder in 28 gauge. This model is suitable for producing fabrics for bedding and mattresses. Double knit jacquard machines are used mainly for producing high-class mattress ticking fabrics, and because high productivity has also come into demand even for high-class items, Fukuhara developed a multi-feeder model.

Fukuhara has also developed and is marketing the E-Needle series that is economical and environmentally friendly. According to the company, this series of needles is favorably received.

Fukuhara expects that in the Chinese market, demand for high-end machines is likely to grow as the production of items for the domestic market moves toward higher quality. Therefore, the company plans to provide technical service at rates matching demands of the market, as well as endeavoring to obtain new customers. In order to survive in the knitting machine industry in the future, it intends to continue high-level developments that cannot be imitated easily. Here, the accumulation of technology and gathering of information are essential to meet the needs of users.

By daisen