Thu. May 30th, 2024

While it strengthens federated functions in its overseas operations, the Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center (QTEC) is reviewing and strengthening its current bases. In addition, cooperation with partners such as Intertek will also be strengthened.

Last year, QTEC positioned the China Regional Headquarters and ASEAN/South Asia Headquarters under the Overseas Division to make the responsibilities clearer, with cooperation being strengthened between home and abroad as well as within the regions.

In China, the Shanghai Multifunctional Testing Center is positioned as the country’s core base, and in addition to general tests, a setup to carry out antibacterial and deodorant tests was established at an early stage. Safety tests including the analysis of specific aromatic amines can also be conducted.

According to a QTEC official, the Shanghai Multifunctional Testing Center is well prepared in terms of hardware, but the sales force is still weak, so it will be strengthened by sending more staffers. Furthermore, cooperation with the sales teams in Japan will be promoted.

The CCIC-QTEC Testing Center in Qingdao is performing well, and the JTC-QTEC Testing Center in Wuxi is also receiving numerous test inquiries. The JTC-QTEC Testing Center conducts down and feather analysis, as the down and feather analysis know-how was transferred from the Chubu Office in Nagoya. Even outside Japan, distinctive analysis also becomes an advantage. Meanwhile, the MSX-QTEC Testing Center in Shenzhen has been mainly making analysis of daily necessities, and the next step for expansion will be reviewed.

In regard to ASEAN and South Asia, a testing center was opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last year in a partnership with Intertek. The Intertek-QTEC Vietnam Testing Laboratory conducts various tests from product inspection, washing durability tests and color fastness tests to functionality tests such as a water repellency and quick drying, as well as safety tests including those for specific aromatic amines and heavy metals. Sales staffers who are capable of acquiring new customers will be dispatched. As Intertek also conducts tests on non-textile goods, QTEC hopes to use this to advantage. In addition to tests, it is considering product inspection operations.

The QTEC Dhaka Lab continues to perform well despite the terrorist attacks, and is expected to remain favorable in the future as well. As inquiries are increasing from India and Pakistan, cooperation will also be considered hereafter in an effort to strengthen South Asia with Bangladesh as a base.
The QTEC Bangkok Testing Center in Thailand was opened within the Thailand Textile Institute (THTI) in 2014 in a partnership for providing technical cooperation and support for testing textile goods. Test requests are also said to be increasing.

By daisen