Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Kaneka Corporation announced that its research and business development center that it established in Newark, California (U.S.) has been named “Kaneka U.S. Innovation Center”, and commenced full-scale operation from September.

Positioned under the umbrella of Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc., the new center will accelerate the development of new businesses in the key strategic areas of health and telecommunications.

Newark is an area where many of the world’s most advanced research and develop centers and industries are located, and by taking advantage of open innovation such as with Stanford University and collaborations with venture companies, new technologies and products that may become promising platforms in the sector of life science can be explored. In the telecommunications sector, the latest technology and market information in the U.S. can be obtained, and together with the use of open innovation, Kaneka will search for themes and topics for new business developments.

Kaneka’s businesses in functional food, medical devices and electronic materials in the Americas will also be using this new center.

By daisen