Thu. May 30th, 2024

10-4ykkThe Fastening Products Group of YKK Corporation is introducing new products for children’s wear and bags under its “safety and security” concept.

Developments are currently in the final stage for zippers in which the insertion pin can be inserted easily and the slider easily separates from the elements when a certain amount of force is applied to both sides of the zipper. As applications are assumed to be children’s wear, operability and safety are the main features.

Insertion auxiliary parts enable children who are not used to using zippers to easily insert the insertion pin, and the easy separation function reduces the risk of hanging when a hooded garment is worn. For instance, when a child falls as the hood on his/her garment is accidentally caught on a doorknob, the slider separates from the elements by the child’s body weight, thus preventing any tightening around the neck.

Furthermore, travel bags can now have crime-preventing zippers that prevent the bags from being illegally opened or closed. Since the coil chain of the element portion has a double structure, the durability and resistance to a screwdriver or pointed tool is said to be more than twice as great as conventional zippers. The pullers on the two metal sliders of this zipper have a small hole so that they can be locked together with a padlock. Applications are assumed to be travel bags with casters and backpacks for areas where theft is frequent.

By daisen