Toray Introduces Acrylic Microfiber Swimsuit Material

11-2%e6%9d%b1%e3%83%acToray Industries, Inc. has introduced Trintee Air, a new material made with anti-pilling acrylic microfiber, in its sales of swimwear fabrics for the 2017 season (September 2016 to August 2017).

In addition to beachwear, the company plans to promote sales by capturing the expanding scenes where swimwear is worn, such as outdoor wear and townwear applications.
Trintee Air features light weight and bulkiness. It is a material that combines 0.7-dtex acrylic staple fiber with chlorine-resistant Lycra. Anti-pilling property is achieved by the use of a special polymer, and the fabric is about 15% lighter than conventional materials. A soft touch is obtained as its bulkiness is 1.5 times greater.