Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Konica Minolta, Inc. has opened a strategic business base in France to facilitate growth of its industrial printing business.
Established as part of its global management strategy, it is Konica Minolta’s first overseas business base in a core business area, where the company will formulate medium- and long-term strategies to strengthen its industrial printing business by evaluating customer value propositions.

Konica Minolta is determined to become a solution-providing digital company capable of facilitating the transformation of workflow with its digital technologies to deliver greater convenience and higher productivity to customers’ work processes.

The market scale of industrial printing, including labels, packaging and textiles, is estimated at 50 trillion yen, which means that there are huge growth potentials in the digital printing business. There are also growing needs for digital printing, as more companies are turning to marketing strategies that motivate customers to purchase using exclusive labels and packaging designs.

Konica Minolta aims to deliver new values to the industrial printing industry and expand its digital printing business by leveraging its digital technologies to meet the need for high-mix small-lot production and shorter lead time, and also by offering solutions to enhance the efficiency of printing operations.

Europe is a world-leading digital textile printing market together with Asia, and leads the world in the digitization of printing of wallpaper and construction materials. Konica Minolta has been supplying inkjet digital textile printers and inkjet print heads to the European market, and is confident that it can develop new solutions for workflow transformation by being closer to the market.

By daisen