Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

11-11%e6%9d%b1%e3%83%acToray Industries, Inc. has recently developed Moist+ nylon woven and knitted fabrics that reduce stuffiness with their high moisture-absorbing/releasing property and suppress static electricity.

Using a combination of originally developed polymer, spinning and advanced processing technologies, Moist+ is made with a core-sheath yarn, of which a newly developed special moisture-absorbing/releasing polymer is used for the core and the sheath is made of nylon. The moisture-absorbing/releasing performance is approximately 3 times greater than ordinary nylon, and moisture is absorbed under highly humid conditions and released in a low humidity environment. This reduces a stuffy feeling during the highly humid summer season and when heating systems are used during the winter.

Antistatic property is also achieved by controlling the moisture absorbency and polymer structure. The withstanding voltage during friction is one-fifth that of ordinary nylon materials, and reduces the generation of static electricity caused by drying during the winter season. Fabric processing technology provides a cool touch, and the moisture-absorbing/releasing and antistatic properties do not decrease even when a water-repellent treatment is applied. Toray positions Moist+ at the top of comfort-providing products.

Toray will offer Moist+ for application in sportswear and outdoor wear, and then expand its applications to innerwear. Sales of Moist+ are to start from the spring/summer 2018 season as a material that can be used all year round, and the company plans to sell 100,000 meters in fiscal 2017 and 500,000 meters in fiscal 2020.

By daisen