Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Lindauer Dornier GmbH will present innovative machine concepts for the production of highly sophisticated fabrics at INDIA ITME 2016. Under its sustainability motto “The Green Machine”, the family company will present the latest technical solutions that allow producing the most modern technical textiles, sophisticated decorative fabrics and apparel with refined quality for the premium segment with very high economic efficiency.

The P2 rapier loom, a further development of the P1 rapier loom with positive central transfer, can weave a high-density filter fabric in 320 cm width, which was only possible with custom-made machines up until now. The extremely high density is achieved by a specially developed cloth take-up, absolute uniformity of the filling density and a reed impact force of 50 kN.

On the latest version P1 rapier loom, complex functional fabrics can be produced from different materials. The wide application spectrum of the P1 ranges from high value silk fabrics with 16 filling colors, such as for imaginative women’s outerwear fabrics, to carbon, glass or coated lattices with the coarsest yarn counts in warp and filling, and densities of 0.5 thread/cm or even lower.

The A1 air-jet loom also provides an exceptionally wide application variety. Whether equipped with a cam motion, jacquard with up to 12,000 lifting hooks, dobby with up to 16 shafts or a Dornier EasyLeno unit, the A1 is the perfect loom for creative, economic and precise production of technical textiles, home textiles and apparel fabrics, in nominal machine widths from 150 to 540 cm.

By daisen