火. 4月 23rd, 2024

11-25%e4%bc%8a%e5%8b%a2%e4%b8%b9The Isetan Mitsukoshi Group has opened a flagship store on Tmall Global, an electronic commerce website operated by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., the world’s largest retailer, on November 25th.

Tmall has also started a Black Friday sales campaign on the same day, and the brands and items on sale have been significantly increased.

Isetan Mitsukoshi is participating in Tmall Global as a strategic partner to build a long relationship with customers who have been shopping at its stores in Japan, as well as for obtaining new customers in China.

Selecting safe and high-quality products, Isetan Mitsukoshi is selling mainly Japanese products on Tmall Global, and will facilitate an alliance between its Chinese and Japanese stores; as well as helping accumulate know-how on marketing in China. Unique products are being sold to differentiate itself from other stores that are mainly selling daily necessities.

Isetan Mitsukoshi is selling hundreds of types of products ranging from fashion wear, miscellaneous goods, cosmetics and foodstuff to daily necessities, and will expand the range of products in the future. It is initially focusing on its own brands and seasonal products, and will gradually add Japanese brands to the lineup. From spring 2017, special campaigns will be increased in collaboration with designers, thereby adding new brands and items to the lineup.

By daisen