JFW Textile Fair to Be Held on Largest Scale

According to the Japan Fashion Week Organization, the JFW Textile Fair 2017 Autumn/Winter will be held on November 29th and 30th at the Tokyo International Forum, and its largest scale will be the largest ever.

JFW Japan Creation 2017 will have 304 exhibitors/218.2 booths (279 exhibitors/227.9 booths last year), and the scale of Premium Textile Japan 2017 Autumn/Winter will be 85 cases/115.6 booths (88 cases/120 booths).

About 17,000 people visited the fair in the rain last year, which according to the organizer, is the world’s highest number of visitors per area. The apparel market is struggling at the moment, and because of such a challenging situation, apparel companies are considered to be visiting the fair in search of new materials.

Since 80% of the visitors are buyers, the fair has come to be widely recognized as a place for business. In addition, visitors from Asia have also been increasing in recent years.
Application for the Premium Textile Japan to be held next May has already begun.

In regard to The Japan Observatory at Milano Unica Spring/Summer 2018 next February, 40 companies and organizations will participate (36 in February 2016), and the Japan Linen, Ramie and Jute Spinners’ Association will exhibit for the first time.