Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

11-30%ef%bd%8a%ef%bd%86%ef%bd%97Japan’s largest apparel textile exhibition, JFW Textile Fair 2017 Autumn/Winter (organized by the Japan Fashion Week Organization) began at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo on November 29th.

While store sales continue to slump and brands are being selected and reduced, what kind of textiles are being presented and how negotiations are advancing are drawing attention.

The fair consists of Premium Textile Japan (PTJ) and JFW Japan Creation (JFW-JC), and its scale is the largest ever. PTJ exhibitors number 85 cases including 9 new and restart of participation as well as 5 from overseas. JFW-JC exhibitors have reached 98 cases (304 firms) including 13 new/restart of participation and 6 from abroad.

As soon as the doors to the venue were opened, the fair was filled with buyers seeking new fabrics developed in textile production districts and by converters all over Japan, and negotiations were vigorously held in various places.
A number of events are also being held during the fair.

By daisen