Thu. May 30th, 2024

Toray Industries, Inc. has developed a fabric made with fine-crimped ultra-micro polyester fibers.

In addition to having the smooth and supple texture of ultra-micro fibers, the fabric features compact bulkiness and elasticity. Available in knitted and woven fabric forms, sales are to start from the fall/winter 2017 season for application in outerwear for women and men.

In developing this new material, Toray used its Nanodesign innovative composite spinning technology, which controls the cross-sectional shape of composite fiber at will and with high precision. By combining this technology with the company’s original polymer and processing technologies, the fabric obtains a smooth bulky surface touch, compact supple texture, attractive mild luster, soft shape retention and moderate stretch.

For fall/winter 2017, the company will promote this fabric mainly in pure polyester for application in women’s wear (outerwear, bottoms, dresses, tops, etc.) and men’s wear (outerwear, tops etc.). For the spring/summer 2018 season, it plans to introduce into the market woven and knitted fabrics in blends with natural fibers such as cotton and bast fibers.

By daisen