Thu. May 30th, 2024

The Apparel Department 2 of Itochu Textile Company will expand business involving Japanese-made materials, such as the company’s original fabric collection, Livinax for offering a wide array of products from raw materials to fabrics and finished products.

The department offers an extensive range of products from raw materials such as cotton and wool to fabrics made in Japanese textile production districts and OEM textile products. In 2017, it will utilize this forte to expand business in the three areas of innerwear, sportswear and major retailers.

In developing its business involving materials, higher value addition of products is to be achieved with the use of Japanese-made materials. The department will place special emphasis on the Livinax original fabric collection based on collaboration between the Textile Section of the Hokuriku Branch and production districts.

According to a department official, Livinax was highly appraised at Première Vision this September. In both the international and Japanese markets, business is to be expanded for materials as well as for final products.

By daisen