Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The Japan Spinners’ Association, Japan Chemical Fibers Association, The Japan Cotton Traders’ Association, Japan Textiles Exporters Association and Japan Wool Industry Association held a New Year Card Exchange Gathering in Osaka on January 4th.

At the beginning of the gathering, Wataru Nagai, Chairman of the Japan Wool Industry Association, extended his greetings, and in his speech, he said, “Further advancements of globalization by regional economic partnerships would bring opportunities that would have Japanese Monozukuri for producing safe and secure products appreciated. Japan’s foundation must be made firm and solid for withstanding international competition.”

For this purpose, the chairman mentioned that it would be important to focus on the action policy of the Japan Textile Federation as follows: (1) active approaches to cope with trade issues and trade expansion, (2) the strengthening of information transmission capability and brand power, (3) measures to deal with product safety issues and environmental problems, (4) the promotion of structural reforms in the textile industry, (5) the development of new materials, products, technologies and applications and the creation of new markets, (6) securing and nurturing human resources, and (7) response to taxation issues.

By daisen