Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

1.12JUKIJUKI Corporation has launched the world’s first sewing machine MF-7900DRH224 series of “semi-dry head, cylinder-bed coverstitch machines with digital-type top feed for hemming”.

This series is capable of stabilizing the fabric feed with a belt that is newly installed on the top feed side of the top-and-bottom feed mechanism, and the feed amounts can be stored in a memory.

The MF-7900DRH24 series is designed for hemming sleeve cuffs and the bottoms of knitted fabrics for sportswear and underwear. Since knitted fabrics stretch, the fabric being fed is likely to become unstable before or behind the needle area, thus causing stitching failure. It is particularly difficult to sew fabrics made with new materials due to the use of newly developed fibers and weaves.

This series of sewing machines is the world’s first model that uses a belt for the presser of the top feed mechanism. The belt grips the material securely to achieve the best-suited material feed for the material being sewn. Consistent stitches are produced with stability to contribute to significantly improved quality. In comparison with a conventional presser, the belt-type top feed features soft contact to the material, thereby preventing presser marks on the fabric and shining particularly when sewing lightweight and black fabrics.

Furthermore, this sewing machine can quantify the top feed amount and store it in the memory of the operation panel, so that ideally suited stitches are reproduced on a material-by-material basis, thus reducing setup time.

By daisen