Japan’s Imports of Indonesian Cotton Fabrics Sharply Increase in 2016

According to the Japan Spinners’ Association, 2016 Japanese imports of cotton fabrics decreased by 1.2% from the previous year to 266.52 million square meters.

Despite a weak Japanese currency and better trade conditions, Japanese demand lacked an upswing.

Cotton fabric imports from China (the largest supplier) decreased by 5.2% to 124.78 million square meters, and those from Pakistan fell 8.3% to 45.14 million square meters. Meanwhile, imports from Indonesia sharply increased by 8.8% to 54.74 million square meters; Indonesia has increased its presence as a cotton fabric supplier to Japan including the production items of Japanese-affiliated manufacturers in Indonesia. Imports from Thailand climbed 21.9% to 24.97 million square meters.

2016 imports of polyester/cotton blended fabrics fell 7.9% to 80.52 million square meters, as demand for applications in shirts and uniforms lacked an upswing.