U.S. Textile & Apparel Imports Decrease in 2016

The U.S. Office of Textiles and Apparel, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce reported that the nation’s imports of textiles and apparel in 2016 decreased by 0.95% in quantity from the previous year to 62,917.23 million square meters equivalent (SME). In value, imports declined by 6.44% to US$104,922.61 million.

2016 imports of textiles decreased by 0.88% in volume and 10.29% in value to 35,990.24 million SME worth US$24,008.78 million. Imports of apparel declined by 1.06% and 5.23% respectively to 26,927 million SME valued at US$80,713.83 million.

Textile and apparel imports from China decreased by 2.37% and 10.84% respectively to 30,138.09 million SME worth US$38,533.14 million. Imports from India increased by 5.81% quantitatively to 4,829.42 million SME, but the value decreased by 0.66% to US$7,222.61 million. Imports from Vietnam rose by 2.53% in volume and 0.30% in value to 4,479.07 million SME worth US$11,323.32 million.