Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The U.S. Office of Textiles and Apparel, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce reported that the nation’s imports of textiles and apparel in 2016 decreased by 0.95% in quantity from the previous year to 62,917.23 million square meters equivalent (SME). In value, imports declined by 6.44% to US$104,922.61 million.

2016 imports of textiles decreased by 0.88% in volume and 10.29% in value to 35,990.24 million SME worth US$24,008.78 million. Imports of apparel declined by 1.06% and 5.23% respectively to 26,927 million SME valued at US$80,713.83 million.

Textile and apparel imports from China decreased by 2.37% and 10.84% respectively to 30,138.09 million SME worth US$38,533.14 million. Imports from India increased by 5.81% quantitatively to 4,829.42 million SME, but the value decreased by 0.66% to US$7,222.61 million. Imports from Vietnam rose by 2.53% in volume and 0.30% in value to 4,479.07 million SME worth US$11,323.32 million.

By daisen