Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

United Arrows Ltd. (UA) has set out on strengthening its UA online store operations.

According to the company, non-consolidated Internet sales during April-December 2016 increased by 24.2% compared to the year before, of which UA online store sales grew by 10.6%. The company expects Internet sales to grow, and will endeavor to attract more shoppers, reduce sales opportunity losses and improve various functions.

Internet advertisements will be expanded in an effort to attract more shoppers. In addition to listing and retargeting advertisements toward people who know the UA online store and have an intention of shopping there, SNS advertising (member interactive site), advertorials and banners are to be increased to gain new shoppers and customers.

United Arrows plans to integrate and renew its brand site and UA online site this spring. It aims to increase access to its online store by unifying the entrance to the site.

In order to reduce sales opportunity losses, the company plans to enlarge supply stocks for the UA online store, and make an earlier sales start by shortening the time for product publication work. Particularly, the time required for photographing, measuring and input of product description will be shortened so that the start of online sales is brought closer to that of sales at real stores.

By daisen