Thu. May 30th, 2024

Denim manufacturers in Sambi, Okayama (Japan) are increasing moves to develop the next generation of ‘Japan Denim’. As overseas denim makers are remarkably catching up in terms of quality, the market and apparel firms are pursuing a higher level of differentiation.

The proposal of new denim fabrics that include not only traditional Japanese patterns but also make full use of Japan’s original fine taste are increasingly being made.
Nihon Menpu Textile Co., Ltd. has launched denims uniquely woven on dobby shuttle looms. By controlling the tension of the warp and weft yarns, abundant expressions can be created on the fabric, such as rib-like unevenness.

Chugoku Boshoku Co., Ltd. continues to expand the variety of specialty needlework-like double-weave denims. The diagonal yarn pattern, difference in indigo color on the fabric surface and unevenness stand out remarkably after processing.

Kaihara Corporation plans to promote overseas Monozukuri that makes full use of Japanese taste in its new collections for 2017 and 2018.

Showa Co., Ltd. is launching checkered-pattern denims. By using weft yarns that have been dyed with indigo or other dyes, the fabrics can be made in a variety of colors. In addition to producing a Japanese image with colors and patterns, natural expressions create a sense of ecology.

By daisen