Thu. May 30th, 2024

Kaihara (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the Thai subsidiary of Kaihara Corporation of Japan, will start full-scale operation of its rope-dyeing equipment this May.

Next year, 60 more looms will be installed to increase monthly production to 1.5 million meters.

Kaihara (Thailand) commenced full-scale operations in January 2016, and currently has a monthly production capacity of 1 million meters with 120 rapier looms.

According to the company, during the current fiscal year ending this month, there were times that business was slow, but orders have come to increase again from January. With its high quality and quick deliveries, Kaihara (Thailand) is supplying its denims to Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries. Business is conducted not only with Japanese affiliates, but also with local apparel firms in Thailand, and the company plans to develop exports to Europe in the future.

Trial operations on the no. 1 rope dyeing machine have also begun, and full-scale operations are scheduled for May. Yarns are currently imported from Japan; together with increasing production to 1.5 million meters, it plans to have two rope dyeing machines to process nearly all of the yarns. An automatic warehouse will go into operation this May, and will increase its capabilities to respond to delivery requirements.

There are plans to increase workers to 450 from the current workforce of approximately 450. In order to start vertical production operations, about thirty Japanese staffers are currently providing technical guidance, and Thai middle managers are also being educated with an intention of switching over to a local staff in the future.

By daisen