Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Beaulieu Fibres International, a leading European polyolefin fiber supplier, will reveal a pioneering new fiber platform at Index 17, and will offer detailed insights into future-focused hygiene products arising from its on-going investments in innovation and manufacturing capabilities. (Stand 1340)

From this May, Meralux fibers will be added to the Meraklon product portfolio. First test results show that nonwovens made with the new Meralux fiber combinations have a higher loft/bulk. Meralux’s coverage is unique and provides nonwovens with a very closed surface, without containing additives such as TiO2. With a higher loft and unique coverage, softness is provided by the choice of raw materials. Equipped with all these features, Meralux allows basis weight reductions without losing performance.

In line with the further diversification of its products, Beaulieu Fibres International is set to produce short cut fibers for hygiene applications from this summer. These will be available in cut lengths of 3-24 mm in polypropylene mono and BICO.

To add to its new products for 2017, the Meraklon portfolio will expand further with the launch of new polyester core BICO fibers. They will come on stream with Meraklon’s new state-of-the-art, long line at the company’s site in Terni, Italy. The 30-million-euro investments to extend production capacity are underway and scheduled to commence operations this year.

By daisen