Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Karl Mayer is launching ProDye-R, a customized rope dyeing machine.

The ProDye technology combines the technical achievements Karl Mayer has made in its development work during the last three years, and delivers maximum performance during indigo dyeing. Compared to similar systems available on the market, this innovative technology reduces water consumption by roughly 30% in practice, decreases yarn wastage, and produces deeper indigo shades during the slasher-dyeing process. Productivity is almost twice as high when processing lightweight denim. With this type of product, customers can achieve an output of up to 70 m/min.

This unique performance is the result of a number of technical features, including the Double Vario dyeing unit. This application system is the key element of the ProDye system. Its optimized flow patterns and efficiency result in flexible and process-specific immersion lengths and times during pretreatment and dyeing.

The technical features of the Double Vario include a well-thought-out cross-flow system for perfect dyebath circulation and an integrated system for raising the immersion rollers. The latter simplifies handling, minimizes cleaning times and guarantees stable liquor baths during machine downtime. An integrated, indirect heating system enables a range of dyeing techniques, such as reactive, sulphur and indanthrene dyeing, to be carried out reliability and flexibly. Squeeze roller pairs operating at 100 kN, which are harmonized with each other, at the end of the processing sequence in the dyeing machine guarantee uniform fabric transport, and avoid variations in the circumferential speed at the textile material.

The design of the Double Vario has been optimized to enable it to be integrated into the ProDye-R rope dyeing system.

By daisen