JUKI Launches Machine-Head Turning Type of 1-Needle CNC Sewing Machine

Making a major change to the sewing machine mechanisms that automatically sew patterns stored in a memory, JUKI Corporation has developed the AMS-251 1-needle CNC sewing machine (machine-head turning type).

The newly-developed AMS-251 achieves the highest quality seams when sewing decorative stitches on car seats, luxury bags and school bags.

The AMS-251 is designed for sewing decorative stitches on genuine leather and vinyl leather. Sewing is performed automatically according the sewing patterns in the data storage. A new mechanism turns the sewing machine head 180 degrees, and another mechanism moves the sewing material back and forth as well as right and left. The combination of these new mechanisms enables the sewing machine to sew complicated patterns and produce attractive seams. Furthermore, the hook and needle timing and control of machine head and hook rotational direction are synchronized with the sewing machine head turning, thereby ensuring uniform stitch pitches, evenly tensed seams and uniform stitch shapes.

This sewing machine realizes the largest sewing range among JUKI’s sewing machines for non-apparel products. Since the sewing machine is able to complete sewing within an area of 100 cm (width) by 60 cm (length) in a single sewing process, it is applicable to the sewing of car seats, airbags and other large-size products, as well as multiple pieces of bags, thereby contributing to increased productivity.

The machine head moves up 5 cm so that the operator can easily take out finished products and place the next sewing material on the sewing machine, thereby reducing setup time.