Thu. May 30th, 2024

At Index, Lenzing presented its “Botanical Skin Care” concept, which demonstrates the functionality of Tencel branded lyocell fibers in a host of nonwoven applications. The innovation pipeline is bursting with additional functionalities for fibers.

When developing high-quality convenience products, selecting the right materials is what counts. The demand for functionality in fibers is on the rise. Choosing cellulosic fibers from the House of Lenzing is a major step toward high functionality products with maximum sustainability.

Lenzing is completely in line with this trend and addresses these themes. Trends such as the optimized absorption and release of disinfectants and the reduction of preservatives lead the way followed by sustainability as a social issue.

Especially in the cosmetics industry, the trend is toward the reduction of preservatives in lotions. This effect is noticeable in several fields of application – from facial masks to personal care wipes – and presents substrate manufacturers with new technical challenges. To meet these new requirements, Lenzing is currently focusing on the development of fibers that support the reduction of certain preservatives.

Moreover, Lenzing is working on fibers that help to optimize the absorption and release of disinfectants. Household wipes are very helpful in the everyday life of end users and enjoy great popularity among consumers. And the same is true here: the range of potential substances suitable for application is constantly shrinking. Furthermore, the substrate must distribute active ingredients both evenly and generously and reabsorb dirt and unwanted fluids.

Sustainability is a topic that has already reached large groups of the population, and has also become firmly embedded in the nonwovens industry. Lenzing fibers have maximum sustainability due to their natural origin. This relates to their production and the 100% biodegradability of Lenzing fibers. Thus a higher percentage of Lenzing fibers in the end product leads to greater sustainability. The fulfillment of all regulatory requirements is another criterion in favor of Lenzing fibers. A multitude of environmental certificates and awards underline the eco-friendliness of Lenzing fibers.

Wolfgang Plasser, Vice President Global Business Management Nonwovens, emphasizes, “We aim to support our customers to not only satisfy rising demands with regard to product performance and regulatory requirements but to stay one step ahead in the game.”

By daisen