Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The Japan Department Stores Association reported that same-store sales at member stores throughout the nation (80 firms, 231 stores) in March 2017 decreased by 0.7% from the same month of last year to 517,549 million yen, thus decreasing for thirteen straight months.

Sales were supported by the wealthy class and inbound, but the drop in temperature had an impact on sales of spring wear.

As a result of sluggish apparel sales, total apparel sales decreased by 4.6% to 169,181 million yen, thus decreasing for the seventeenth consecutive month. By item, apparel sales declined across the board: men’s wear, 32,764 million yen (down 2.6%); women’s wear, 103,427 million yen (down 5.6%); and children’s and babies’ wear, 21,659 million yen (down 1.8%).

By daisen