Oerlikon’s Manmade Fibers Segment Significantly Increases Orders in Q1

According to the Oerlikon Group, its Manmade Fibers Segment achieved a significant increase in the intake of orders during January-March 2017, driven mainly by the recovery of the China-led filament equipment market.

The order intake during the first quarter increased by 43.5% year-on-year to CHF 178 million, and was also fortified with positive demand in the staple fiber market, for bulked continuous filament systems (BCF – carpet yarn) including strong after-sales activities, and for texturing technologies for installed partially oriented yarn (POY) systems.

Meanwhile, first-quarter sales decreased by 23.7% to CHF 106 million, as a number of projects are still ongoing. As a result, EBITDA dropped 97.8% to CHF 200,000. EBIT stood at CHF -5 million (Q1 2016: CHF 4 million), and the EBIT margin was -4.7% (Q1 2016: 3.0%).

The segment expects to see ongoing positive development in the filament equipment market as well as in other end markets, and is ramping up its capacity to meet growing demand while still maintaining flexibility and cost discipline.