Thu. May 30th, 2024

Resil Chemicals, one of Asia’s leading textile finishing chemicals and auxiliary manufacturers, has joined forces with Acticell GmbH, an Austrian chemical research company committed to developing environmentally friendly, sustainable textiles. The collaboration is focused on developing a range of Green, sustainable chemical solutions for the denim industry.

This partnership is intended for eliminating what they consider a hazardous process of using potassium permanganate spray in the denim industry.

Most denim manufacturers rely on hazardous and environmentally damaging chemical processes, such as potassium permanganate treatments to create effects on denim. Potassium permanganate, considered a toxic and hazardous substance, is sprayed onto denim fabrics with a hand spray gun, endangering factory employees to exposure to the micro particles of potassium permanganate.

Ganesh Srinivasan, Executive Director Innovation at Resil Chemicals, says, “One of the innovative solutions offered by this collaboration is to substitute potassium permanganate with Actigo TM laser booster, powered by Green screen listed, patented Acticell technology.”

Actigo TM enables jeans manufacturers to move to a new process that eliminates the need for potassium permanganate spray and hand sand process. The new process of denim treatment carried out prior to laser step helps to create the new look, as well as replicating denim effects similar to that of hand sand and potassium permanganate process on denim garments just by using Actigo TM-laser combinations.

Actigo TM laser activated bleaching technology also helps in improving laser productivity, thereby providing a cost neutral solution to switch over from potassium permanganate sprays. Additionally, the new process saves water and energy in denim finishing, and eliminates labor intensive hand sand and not to mention improving the safety of factory employees.

According to M.S. Vijayan, Joint Managing Director at Resil Chemicals, the results from early stages of development with major denim manufacturers have been very positive. This treatment is now being used by major denim companies in North America, and they seek to offer these solutions to South Asia.

By daisen