Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

According to the Japan Chain Stores Association (56 firms, 9,391 stores), same-store sales in April increased by 0.6% over the same month of last year to 1,065,609 million yen, thus increasing for the first time since November 2016.

Sales of household goods were slow due to sharp temperature changes, while apparel sales increased by 0.2% to 91,802 million yen.

The breakdown of apparel sales is: men’s wear, 17,351 million yen (down 0.5%); women’s wear, 26,255 million yen (down 1.7%); and other garments, 48,196 million yen (up 1.6%).

Well-selling men’s wear items were jackets, easy pants, business shirts, blousons and long-sleeve casual shirts, but sales were sluggish for cardigans, cut-and-sewn articles and jeans.

In women’s wear, jackets, spring coats, skirts, three-quarter-sleeve sweaters and cardigans sold well, but sales were stagnant for mannish-style articles, blouses and cut-and-sewn articles.

In other garments, pajamas, women’s underwear, men’s socks were favorable.

As for home fashion items among household goods, laying pads and cushioned flooring sold well, while sales of beddings including duvets, shiki futons, pillows and mattresses were low.

By daisen