Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

According to a Japan Textile Machinery Association report based on statistics released from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Finance, the nation’s production, exports and imports of textile machinery increased during January-March 2017 year-on-year.

Production grew by 14.6% to 55,616 million yen. Especially, the production of spinning machinery sharply increased by 132.3% to 6,726 million yen.

Exports rose by 8.8% to 62,453 million yen. Exports of spinning machinery grew by 118.5% to 6,580 million yen, but those of looms dropped 37.7% to 10,049 million yen.

Imports increased by 9.9% to 9,633 million yen. Imports of fiber machinery equipment and spinning machinery sharply grew by 292.2% and 768.1% respectively. However, imports of looms fell 46.8% to 380 million yen, along with those of knitting machines by 37.9% to 614 million yen.

By daisen