Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

According to the Japan Department Stores Association, same-store nationwide sales (80 firms, 229 stores) in June 2017 rose by 1.4% over the same month of last year to 472,031 million yen, thus increasing for the first time in two months.

As a result of the weak Japanese currency and high stock prices, wealthy people actively purchased luxury goods, and inbound sales were also favorable. The good weather made sales of summer items active, and bargain sales from the end of June were another positive factor. Inbound sales climbed 41.1% to 18.4 billion yen.

Sales of apparel decreased by 0.5% during the month to 135,583 million yen: men’s wear, 29,941 million yen (down 0.8%); women’s wear, 86,982 million yen (down 0.6%); and children’s wear, 8,427 million yen (up 4.6%).

By daisen