Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

           Casual wear store chain UNIQLO Co., Ltd. has introduced maternity and newborn wear in Japan.

Sales of garments for newborn babies started on July 24th, and maternity wear on August 28th. In addition to sales at large-scale UNIQLO stores across Japan and Internet store, sales will be gradually expanded abroad such as China and Southeast Asia.

At a press conference held on August 28th, Masahiko Nakasuji, Group Senior Vice President at Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., said, “We want to spread the good features and qualities of our products through digital dissemination of information with an aim at persons who gather information from the Internet.” UNIQLO will also focus on overseas sales as there are promising markets around the world, such as China and Southeast Asia.

The maternity wear line consists of the four items of shorts, leggings, ultra-stretch jeans and leggings pants.

Since the lower part of the body significantly changes during pregnancy, the garments have been designed to reduce tightness. The shorts are made with a power net that has outstanding stretch, and the entire abdomen portion is covered extensively so that it does not bite into the groin and around the belly.

Newborn clothes are available in sizes for babies up to around 2 months old. Four items are being sold: short underwear, combi-underwear, bibs and grobags.

The underwear has color stitches on the inside so that you can tell it from the outside, and the snap button on the outside makes it easier to put on and take off the garment. The wider cuffs make it easier to change clothes.

By daisen