Thu. May 30th, 2024

           Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. will release this November the UCJV300-160 and UCJV150-160 inkjet printers featuring a combined printing-cutting function and the use of UV-curable inks.

These roll-to-roll type UV inkjet printers pursue the improvement of work efficiency, operability and consideration to the environment.

The new four-layer print function: “Color + Black + White + Color” presents the combined solution of four-layer printing and inside lighting showing “Day & Night Printing”, an amazing image-change between daytime and nighttime. Its eye-catching expressiveness increases business chances as a new method of signage.

Furthermore, the ID Cut function for Print & Cut is effective for application on signs, stickers, labeling and packaging.

The UV-curable inks instantly cure upon UV light irradiation. Unlike general solvent printers, no ink drying time is required, and it is easy and quick to proceed to the next process of lamination or sign application after printing.

Orders requiring short delivery time are no longer missed thanks to their quick producing ability. Materials such as PVC, tarpaulin, fabrics, paper and PET film can be printed, thus banner flag and POP making can be regarded as a new business.

By daisen