Mimaki Releasing UV Curable Inkjet System Full-Color 3D Printer

           Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. is releasing this November the 3DUJ-553 3D full-coloring printer by UV LED curable inkjet system. This printer enables full-color modeling of over 10 million colors.

The 3D printer market growth continues to spread globally upon commencing from North America and Europe, and its application has mainly been in the manufacturing industry, and is penetrating the segments of education, construction and medical business.

The 3DUJ-553 achieves full-color modeling with the world’s first capability of over 10 million colors based on the company’s technology developed in 2D inkjet printers for professionals use.

The rich color expression of 3DUJ-553 is better suited to create a final product such as real object signs or building models, of which extra coloring has been difficult after the completion of modeling. Applying UV curable inks, which cure by UV light irradiation, 3DUJ-553 enables a minimum 22 μm layer pitch for high reproducibility of model detailing, to lead the creation of exquisite 3D products with elaborate finishing. Furthermore, the adaptation of water soluble support material inks prevents damages to very sensitive design objects during removal of support materials.

In the markets of sign graphics and industrial products that Mimaki has been leading as an innovator of inkjet printer technology, the company will continue to offer business proposals with the very appealing 3DUJ-553 that has astonishing color expressive power and modeling technology.