Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

           Graphics One, located in Sun Valley, California, is announcing the debut of its new 901X 24-inch Dye Sub Printing System at the SGIA show in booth 3701 at New Orleans from October 10th to 12th.

The GO 901X Dye Sub System is a fully integrated four-color high-quality printing solution for 24-inch dye sub printing. The 901X bundle is a complete system, and includes the 901X printer, DTX Industrial Dye Sub Ink, Wasatch SoftRIP advanced workflow software, GO Xtreme Dye Sub Paper and stand/catch basket.

The list price for the printer bundle is US$5,995. Additionally, Graphics One will offer a complete system with an advanced Mogk 25.5ʺ x 31.5ʺ Heat Press for a total of US$9,990 (includes two sets of ink and paper).

Dan Barefoot, VP Global Sales Graphics One, says, “Our new GO 901X 24-inch dye-sub printing system was developed to provide both users who are just getting into this market and those who are migrating to large format, a complete dye sub print system meant for continued long-term high quality output at very attractive pricing. Additionally, the fully featured version of Wasatch’s SoftRIP, the industry’s leading RIP for sublimation, along with new industrial dye sub ink from Prism, immediately makes 901X printing system the market leader in the 24-inch segment. We believe this complete solution with running costs at 50% of our competitors will prove to be a boon to our customers.”

Barefoot added, “With our low running costs, we are expecting users to migrate from desktop to our larger format system. Users who are already focused on promotional, apparel, soft signage, photographic and other applications will potentially have enough savings to pay for the unit in six months’ time or less, as compared to current products in the market.”

The 901X System will be distributed through the Graphics One distribution channel, and will feature the DTX Dye Sub ink from Prism Inks. The unit will be available this November.

By daisen