Thu. May 30th, 2024

Toray Industries, Inc. announced that its Ultrasuede fabrics will be used for part of the interior of the Lexus LS500 and LS500h, as well as for the performance line F Sport models.

These three models have also undergone a complete model change, beginning this month, with Ultrasuede being used for both the headliner and visor of all three models, and also being utilized for the seats of the F Sport.

This is the first time that Ultrasuede is being utilized by Lexus.

The new LS models combine the ample interior comfort of a sedan with a futuristic coupe silhouette to realize both low-slung styling and strong presence. They also integrate traditional technology based on Japanese aesthetics and the latest production technology to create an interior that is elegant and original.

Produced with cutting-edge Japanese technology, the smooth and luxurious feel of the uniformly textured Ultrasuede, along with its excellent adaptability to applications that upgrade the interior, was a significant factor leading to the fabric’s use for the Lexus models.

By daisen