Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

The Japan Department Stores Association reported that same-store sales at member stores throughout the nation (80 firms, 226 stores) in September 2017 increased by 4.4% over the same month of last year to 435,162 million yen, thus increasing for the second consecutive month.

Apparel sales rose for the first time in 23 months with a 2.4% rise to 134,445 million yen, as the decrease in temperature increased the movement of fall/winter items.

Sales of accessories and personal belongings including luxury brands grew by 4.4% to 59,254 million yen, thus growing for two consecutive months. As a result of higher stock prices and weaker Japanese currency, wealthy people purchased more, and inbound demand was vigorous.

In apparel, men’s wear sales grew by 7.3% to 25,865 million yen, and those of children’s wear were up 3.1% to 9,280 million yen, both increasing for two continuous months. Sales of women’s wear rose by 1.5% to 89,617 million yen, up for the first time in 23 months. On the other hand, sales of other garments decreased by 2.4%, thus decreasing for the first time in 23 months.

By daisen