Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

           Swiss-based SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG will participate in ShanghaiTex from November 27th to 30th on the booth of its agent Union Trading as well as on the booth of Rieter Components. (Booth E1 A70 and E1 D30)

Since the successful introduction of the Xeno-platform in Asia in 2016, SSM has been focusing on the X-Series. With the latest application for cone-to-muff and muff-to-cone winding, SSM offers a highly flexible and economical system.

According to the company, to maintain a high residual elasticity of elastic nylon and polyester draw textured yarns after dyeing, the muff dyeing process with integrated SSM leading yarn winding technology is the best solution. The new SSM PWX-CTM enables the preparation of low-density muffs, while maintaining the highest possible elasticity of the yarn throughout the dyeing process. For the highest flexible and productive rewinding, the SSM PWX-MTC offers appropriate solutions; regardless whether muffs, hanks, dye packages on dye tubes or coreless dye packages are to be rewound.

By daisen