Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Huntsman Textile Effects has introduced the industry’s best-performing protective agent against phenolic yellowing: Stabilon NPY.

Stabilon NPY helps mills protect product quality, and avoid costly recalls by ensuring that lingerie, swimwear, underwear and other nylon garments in whites and pale shades will not yellow during storage or transit.

Pale and full white nylon fabrics are prone to unsightly yellowing when they come into contact with phenolic antioxidants, which are frequently encountered during textile processing and commonly present in packaging materials. Stabilon NPY prevents such yellowing by blocking the free amino end-groups of nylon fibers.

Lee Howarth, Global Marketing Manager at Huntsman Textile Effects, says, “With Stabilon NPY protective agent, brands, retailers and mills now have an upgraded offering to conventional products in the market that prevent costly storage yellowing on high-performance nylon. This new technology from Huntsman delivers superior protection at a previously unattainable cost-performance ratio, while also meeting stringent environmental standards.”

Designed to help mills enhance quality and profitability, Stabilon NPY is easy to use and highly effective at low concentrations. It will not foam, and is suitable for all exhaustion machines and processes, withstanding severe, high-temperature processing conditions such as molding. It delivers a silky-smooth hand, and does not impair light fastness.

Stabilon NPY complies with the requirements of Bluesign, the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Roadmap and the Restricted Substances Lists of the world’s most exacting global brands. Nylon fabrics treated with Stabilon NPY are suitable for OEKO-TEX Standard 100, earning the Confidence in Textiles label.

By daisen